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Nora Bone Inlay Side Table

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The time-honoured art of bone inlay originated in Rajasthan, India, centuries ago where highly talented artisans were commissioned to handcraft furnishings for royal palaces. Handed down from generation to generation, intricate fragments of buffalo bones are delicately handcarved and individually laid and then affixed onto the base in a mosaic-like design. Resin is then used to fill the space around the bone. Each piece is truly unique and meticulously designed.

The Early Settler bone inlay collection has been handcrafted from ethically sourced buffalo bones in India, where the buffalo is considered to be a sacred animal. Our inlay pieces are sourced from the discarded bones of the animals that died of natural causes. Each and every shipment comes with a Customs certification to ensure the products were made in inspected workshops where the bone was ethically sourced.

The Nora Bone Inlay Side Table boasts a geometic design and patterning in black and white echoing the clean lines and timeless elegance of the mid-century era.

  • Handcrafted bone inlay side table
  • Made from ethically sourced buffalo bone from India
  • Black and white geometric design
  • Mid-century style aesthetic