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Elegant bedroom suites aren’t rooms in the house — they’re islands of calm that allow you to get away from it all whenever the mood takes you. This is the one space in the house that is yours, that you don’t have to share, and that can be anything you want it to be. We can show you that it can become your own personal retreat in a truly authentic way.

Trusting the Early Settler process allows you to connect with a wide variety of bedroom decor that is ready and waiting to reshape what you thought was possible. This isn’t about filling space or looking for quick fixes, we simply don’t do things that way. What we’re focused on is creating a space that allows you to set the tone for the day ahead by drifting off effortlessly the night before. 

Exploring All Your Bedroom Options

The bedroom is a space that allows you to get away from it all, but it’s also a space for thoughtful reflection. Taking the same approach with how you fill it and dress it will allow you to create space that speaks to your heart and means so much more to you than it did before. 

Something as simple as adding a matching set of bedroom chairs to go alongside a statement piece like the Lottie Queen Bed provides real balance and poise. You can take things at your own pace, rest, and then relax when the sunrise appears. It’s what the Early Settler approach to life is all about.  

Embracing this intentionally authentic shopping experience gives you all you need to explore everything modern bedroom suites can be. Take the quality and aesthetic clarity of the Vincent Double Bed Base Walnut, for one, and you’ll see that this is a piece which is sure to endure for many years to come. Just what you want to hear when it’s all about making a mark in a way that instantly makes you feel right at home. 

As you continue to choose more and more bedroom decor, you’ll find that statement pieces like the Clover King Bed are only one corner of the big picture. Yes, the way in which the lines and texture balance the overall look and feel is important, but it’s the way in which you integrate all of the smaller pieces around the edges that truly matters.

Nothing expresses the homely ethos of the Early Settler philosophy more than the simple act of considering a couple of bedroom chairs aligned with the foot of the bed. This is about making the place look like home as much as it is about providing an extra place to take the weight off your feet. Take your time to do it intentionally and you’ll be greeted by an authentic space for many years to come. Perfect when it’s all about feeling at peace and at ease in your surroundings. 

Choosing the Right Bedroom Furniture Options

Our bedroom chairs and other furniture are a statement of intent; one which allows you to declare that you will finally have the restful space you have always wanted. To make it happen even more smoothly, here’s a few points you may wish to consider: 

  • Balance your need for comfort and storage with aesthetics and space. This will make sure you get the best of both worlds on every level 

  • Creating a floor plan on paper will allow you to visualise how everything will fit into place. This allows you to see how you will move so that you can get everything just how you want it 

  • Consider whether you need as much storage as you currently have: could you do with that little bit extra? This will help lift the overall mood of the room and make it feel that little bit more peaceful 

Choosing colours that greet you with a smile in the morning but that also allow you to switch off and relax at night is the name of the game here. Getting the balance right is often a case of opting for natural tones and colours that have a neutral edge to them. 

Why Early Settler?

Shaping the kind of bedroom suites you have always dreamed of is what shopping with Early Settler by your side is all about. Our quick delivery service and hassle-free refunds and returns option gives you the presence and peace of mind that allow you to focus on what matters: beautiful design. Just what’s needed when you want to shape a space that reflects who you are and allows you to always stay true to it. 

As you get closer to the style you’re looking for, make the most of the wave of calm that feels like it is washing over you. This is the sensation you will experience every night once your journey is complete.