Information on Sideboards

Every home needs a buffet that combines an aesthetic finish with a functional element that enriches the space it finds itself in. This is something that we know from experience, and something you will appreciate in the fullness of time once you see it in your own home. 

The Early Settler approach is all about embracing the humble sideboard in a way that elevates it from a traditional addition to a secondary focal point. If you take this as your starting point, you’ll soon see that there are a wide variety of different ways you can integrate new shades, tones, and colours into your home without having to feel like you’re fighting to avoid clashes and imbalances. 

Exploring Your Sideboard Options

Opting for the traditional charm of a sideboard buffet helps open up the way in which you can use the totality of your room, all while making it feel like a central component of family life. Perfect when you want to be able to create a balanced, lived-in look that allows you to set the tone for the rest of the room while enjoying every moment of the journey. 

Something as simple as a classic sideboard cabinet can transform the way in which the room fits together, and the Clover Large Sideboard is a great example of precisely this type of journey. The bold nature of the lines and the impact of the overall design allow you to set the tone for a space in which you will feel completely in control. Ideal when you want to be able to create a home that is a true reflection of the real you. 

The Early Settler experience allows you to take your initial thoughts around the traditional buffet and elevate them with striking additions, such as the Kalise Reclaimed Wood 2 Door Sideboard. By using materials that have a story and are not shy about sharing it, you can foster a real sense of self-expression in a way that sets you free. It’s the simple way to create a space that tells your own story along the way too. 

Finding a sideboard that reflects how you want the rest of the room to be perceived is sometimes about being bigger and bolder with your choice of finish. For those who can feel this idea resonating already, options like the Bone Inlay Sideboard in Black give you a striking addition that speaks for itself. By embracing an intricate combination of colours and materials, it gives you everything you need to transform an understated piece of furniture into something of a work of art. 

Put all of these ideas and creative elements together, allow them to unite in a way that speaks to your inner designer, and then allow your dream home to come to life before your eyes. This is the Early Settler way, and it’s something that will set you free to express yourself while shaping a home that will speak to you on a deeper level. By finding new ways to balance how you combine light, colour, and space, you’ll have a home that works on every possible level. 

How to Make the Right Sideboard Choice

Choosing a sideboard buffet that sets you free to express your choices is all about finding a way to balance style and substance. Here’s a few ways to do it that will provide food for thought:  

  • Measure up to make sure that your new piece of furniture occupies just the right amount of wall space and offers just the right amount of storage space

  • Pick a finish that is easy to clean and maintain so that you can ensure the passage of time never takes the shine off things

  • Positioning your new piece of furniture opposite a window will enable it to catch the natural light and elevate its position within the rest of the room  

Finding a couple of small ornaments that you can adorn the top of the unit with can help make it feel like a more integral part of the family home. Something simple like a freestanding lamp to one side can also help put it in the spotlight in a way that allows you to integrate it into your room without having to force things. The key here is to be subtle and nuanced so that you avoid clutter and embrace the concept that less is always more. 

Why Early Settler?

Picking a sideboard cabinet that comes with a quick delivery service and hassle-free refunds and returns is what shopping with Early Settler is all about. We’re passionately committed to ensuring that everything you add to your home is truly beautiful, and it’s why we never stop moving so that everything fits into place from the moment it arrives at your door. Just what you want to hear when it’s time to create a space that puts you at ease for a lifetime. 

Authentic living will set you free to express yourself on a deeper level, and it all starts when you shop in a truly personal way. Ready when you are…