Mantels & Electric Inserts

Information on Mantels & Electric Inserts

Nothing compares to that sense of feeling at home from the moment you walk into a room, and our curated collection of fireplace inserts can play a big part in that. It’s just what you want to hear when you’re looking to create a space that puts you at ease for years to come.

Embracing the Early Settler approach will help you turn the humble mantel into a true focal point by adding the warm, cosy, homely touches that make all the difference. Just what you want to hear when it’s time to set the tone like never before.

The Different Mantel & Insert Styles

Choosing a mantel piece that speaks to you on a deeper level is what making a house a home is all about, and we’re ready to make it happen. It’s an approach to interior design and home decor that allows you to take control of the way your home makes you feel, all in a way that gives you a true sense of inner peace. Just what you want to hear when it’s all about living life at your own pace and in your own way. 

Start by searching our electric fireplace insert collection and you’ll find pieces like the truly timeless Regent Electric Fireplace. It’s the epitome of homely style that will simply never go out of fashion, all wrapped up in a level of craftsmanship and artisan styling that words alone cannot do justice. Perfect when you want to be able to treat your home to the finer things in life.

Go a little further and you’ll be greeted by the inimitable style of the Rochdale Electric Fireplace Insert and the way in which it seems to light up any room with a soothing glow. This is a statement piece for those looking to make their mark without overpowering what’s already there. Ideal when you want to be able to make a house a home without feeling like you’re having to try and force too much in. 

The Belford Freestanding Mantel is the next piece vying to make it onto your shortlist, and with good reason. By combining a flawless finish with a level of artisan craftsmanship that speaks for itself, the Belford has the ability to change the look and feel of any style of room. The result is a statement piece that works as a thoughtful and reflective focal point morning, noon, and night. Perfect when you want something that will set the right tone in all seasons so that you can entertain your guests and visitors in your own way. 

Before you go and continue your search for a new mantelpiece or insert, it’s worth giving a little extra consideration to the proportions you’re working with here. You want to find a piece that sits in the background and yet still catches the eye, but not in a way that may overwhelm your existing decor. It’s all about balance and subtle contrasts when you want to be able to celebrate the unique character and proportions of the space you’re working with. 

Get the Most From Your New Mantel & Insert 

The key to finding the right mantelpiece or electric insert lies in finding a new way to approach an age-old problem. Here’s a few ways you can get started as soon as you’re ready: 

  • Match the main colour on display with your choice of curtains or blinds and you’ll be able to create a secondary layer of depth that enriches your decor 

  • Match the outer profile of your lounge’s new addition to the character and proportions of your windows to create a real synergy and sense of unity 

  • Consider how you can balance the natural light you have at your disposal with the warm glow your new focal point will give off

Creating this sense of balance will give you new ideas which then allow you to connect with other pieces in the room. Something as simple as adding a blanket box and a couple of throws could just make the difference when you want to be able to create the snug and cosy space you will never want to leave. From there, all you have to do is start thinking about ways to play with the light levels as the occasion suits and you’ll be onto something before you know it. 

Why Early Settler?

Our combination of a quick delivery and a refunds and returns policy that never causes any bother will make sure you’re never left waiting. It’s our way of ensuring that every time you shop with us you get exactly what you need, and nothing more. Perfect when all you want to do is sit back, browse, and pick out the pieces that will turn your house into a home.

When you decide to make yourself truly at home, we’re right there with you…