Kitchen Tapware

Information on Kitchen Tapware

Picture a pair of kitchen taps as the jewel in the crown of your kitchen’s main focal point and you’ll get a sense of everything that’s possible. Rather than seeing them as an afterthought, embracing the wide range of options that exist in terms of materials, finishes, and profiles gives you the freedom to express your own individual sense of style. 

The Early Settler belief is that a humble set of kitchen sink taps can become statement inclusions that help set the tone in the heart of the home. Whether you want elegance, tradition, or something that crosses between two different schools of design, we believe we can show it to you.

Exploring New Tapware Styles 

Your kitchen tapware options used to consist of a rather limited range of styles that were dictated largely by what fixtures and fittings you had available. Our approach has been to go in the other direction and focus on the aesthetics. Every tap should be able to do the job from a practical point of view, that’s a given. What it needs to be able to do at the same time is reflect your own personal taste when it comes to style and interior design. 

Searching for kitchen taps that reflect who you are is about deciding how you want to make use of your space. If you prefer something with a contemporary twist, options like the Rochelle Kitchen Sink Mixer Chrome combine a versatile, compact design with a flawless finish that is sure to catch the light from across the room. Perfect when you want to create a space that feels like it’s opening up before your eyes. 

The Early Settler way gives you the freedom to explore a range of kitchen sink taps and accessories like the Kitchen Basket Waste & Plug, all while being safe in the knowledge that performance is a given. This gives you the time and space you need to focus on the aesthetics so that you can shape a space it’s impossible not to fall in love with. 

Even pieces like the understated 90 mm Basket Waste & Plug come with a flawless finish from an engineering point of view. Why does this matter? Because pieces like this provide the robust levels of performance and quality that set you free to display any style of tap you wish. Our goal is to take you on a journey that provides you with everything you need while you simply sit back and relax. 

As you combine all the elements of your sink area together, you’re left with a vision that makes you fall in love with your home all over again. It’s what we like to think of as the destination of the Early Settler journey, and the beauty of it is that you’re a lot closer than you may first think. 

How to Make Your Tapware Choice

Selecting your kitchen tapware is about finding something that you will want to see out of the corner of your eye for years. To make sure the aesthetic side of things never fade, take a look at a few hints and tips before you go further: 

  • Selecting a durable, robust finish that is easy to clean and maintain will make sure that tarnishing and peeling never take the shine of your taps 

  • Think about convenience and ease of use so you can make sure the whole family gets the same level of satisfaction from the heart of the home 

  • Adding in a matching plug or soap holder will help to create a mini theme that stops your taps feeling like they’ve been forced to fit in 

Continuing the matching theme so that it extends to your handles on drawers and cupboards is a thoughtful, intentional way to add an elegant metal accent. The key here is to make sure that you don’t overplay your hand by crowding out existing features along the way. Let your inner creative free and we know you’ll strike the right balance. Perfect when you want to be able to set the tone for a space that gives you the freedom to move for years to come.

Why Early Settler?

Picking kitchen taps becomes so much simpler when you come to us, not least of all because our quick delivery service and hassle-free refunds and returns are yours to enjoy. We like to think of them as the expert helping hands that take care of all those little bumps in the road that can take the shine off all too many online purchases. When you walk the Early Settler path, that’s simply never going to happen. 

The most authentic thing you can do is listen to your hopes and desires when you start shaping your home. Once you do that, everything begins to align…