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Your dream home is shaped by thoughtful choices when it comes to things like living room chairs, not least of all because they allow you to align with your surroundings in true comfort. The feeling of taking the weight off your feet and lying back is what it’s all about here, which is why we cannot wait for you to see your vision before your eyes.

The perfect way to approach living room decor is something that Early Settler has been thinking about and reflecting on for many years. Over time, we’ve come to see that what’s really needed is a way to express yourself on a personal level, all so you can set the tone for a touch of style that makes you feel welcome as soon as you walk through the door.

Shaping Your New-Look Living Space

Thinking of the lounge as a space in which you can make memories with your loved ones is the way we like to approach things, if for no other reason that it reminds us of its communal nature. Everything needs to be open yet snug, comfortable yet stylish. While this may sound like a hard balance to strike, it becomes possible when you listen to your heart and picture how you want to spend quality time with the people closest to you.

Going further into your options and starting to see what becomes possible when you really get to know your intentions is what it’s all about. Sense that feeling of calm and warmth you want to experience every time you close your front door and then use it to guide you as you make your way through the options. 

Starting with your choice of living room chairs will help you base your room around your use of space and the proportions of the rest of your existing inclusions. Perhaps you then picture yourself sitting back and reaching across to the Ink Round Coffee Table Natural to pick up a brew? Maybe you look to your left and see two of your close friends making themselves at home on the Stitch 3 Seater Velvet Sofa? The point here is that your space really will take on a life all of its own when you picture how you want it to be used, not just what you want it to look like. 

Your new approach to creating thoughtful living room decor will allow you to explore a whole host of more vibrant designs, not least of all the Floral Burst Embroidered Armchair in Olive Green. By creating a natural explosion of colour that catches the eye without running the risk of overshadowing your existing decor, it invites you to turn a chair into a focal point in a way few other pieces can. Just what you want to hear when you’re looking for a way to add some personality to your space without overdoing things. 

Take a moment to pause, find time to breathe, and then look at your options in relation to the proportions of your room. It’s a thoughtful, reflective way to approach interior design that is sure to turn a house into a home before your very eyes. Just what you want to hear when it’s time to feel truly connected with your space so that you can entertain anyone and everyone who walks through your door.

Choices For a Long-Lasting Living Space

Finding the right living room chairs is about style, comfort, and practicality. While it’s the last of this trio that may seem like the least enjoyable, in many ways it’s the one that will make the biggest difference over the long term: 

  • Durable finishes on wood or metal elements will make sure chips and scratches never take the shine off an otherwise welcoming setting 

  • Easy-clean fabrics that can either be removed fully or sprayed clean with a gentle rub will ensure that nothing stains or spoils 

  • Choosing welcoming colours that are universal in nature will extend the lifetime of your living room chairs from an aesthetic point of view, allowing you to make a lifetime of memories 

As you get to know what you want and start to explore everything you want your space to be, you’ll be left in no doubt that you’re on a journey to where you want to go. Matching your chairs to a coffee top and rug that mirror the overall style while providing a sense of balance in terms of the colours on show will really help create a true sense of harmony. 

Why Early Settler?

Elevating your living room decor should be as quick and easy as sitting back and putting your feet up, which is where we come in. Our quick delivery service and hassle-free refunds and returns option are offered as standard, allowing you to put all of your energy into the creative side of the transformation process. Ideal when you want to be able to set the tone in a way that makes you feel at ease from the moment you get started. 

Now that you know everything your room can be, it’s your turn to really express yourself…