Exterior Lighting

Information on Exterior Lighting

Shopping for a set of outdoor lights that transform the ambience in your backyard is something that will really elevate your setting. It’s a chance to refine and finesse how your space comes together, and it’s an inspired option that is sure to bring the most out of your existing features. 

As you get to know Early Settler, you’ll find that outdoor lighting is something we have down to a fine art. The subtle glow and the nuanced aesthetics all combine to create a welcoming space that is all about living life at your own pace for the first time. 

Exploring Outdoor Lighting Ideas

A matching set of premium quality outdoor wall lights does so much more than simply illuminate your garden. What you’re really doing here is elegantly highlighting the key features that are on display, all while you find new ways to create a refined ambience. Put all of these ideas together and balance them the right way and you’ll love the end result even more. 

Considering new ways to mount your outdoor lights will give you a variety of different options when it’s time to turn on the style. Something like our popular Anton Double Ended Wall Bracket could be used to add a touch of modern and contemporary style that adds real charm. It’s a great little way of finding new ways to integrate modern touches into your outdoor space without feeling like you’re overdoing things, or trying to force them. 

The Early Settler range of outdoor wall lights also offers more traditional elements, with options like the Anton Wall Light being a prime example. The way in which the bold finish and imposing lines combine is something that is sure to make quite a statement. But because the overall size and profile remains compact, your new addition won’t impose or overstep the mark. Perfect when you want to be able to achieve a sense of balance while also taking things in a beautiful new direction. 

Choosing outdoor lights that you can combine into your wider design choices becomes so much simpler with options like the Alston Post Light. This classic throwback has something of the retro school of design about it, but without going so far as to make it incompatible with the modern home. This gives it a unifying presence that allows it to add a fresh injection of character to your surroundings without making you feel like it is sticking out. 

Early Settler style is all about embracing a world in which outdoor lighting becomes a feature and a statement, rather than something that is being added for purely practical reasons. This combination of style and substance is what will allow you to create a unique look and ambience that brings your dream home to life in no time at all. The only thing left to do now is to take your time, take your pick, and then take in the unique surroundings you’ve been able to create. 

How to Illuminate Your Outdoor Spaces

Adding a set of outdoor wall lights is something that can be as simple as clicking a button, but that shouldn’t mean you feel forced to rush through the process. Give a little thought and reflection to the following key results and you’ll love the journey even more: 

  • Pick positions for your lights that add a sense of warmth and togetherness and you’ll be able to create a truly welcoming outdoor space 

  • Choose a finish and a colour that is bold enough to stand out against the background, but not so bold that it clashes and causes issues 

  • Finding lights with a little bit of extra character will help you turn them from a functional must-have into an accessory that can also be enjoyed during daylight 

Matching your outdoor lights to other fixtures and fittings, such as tableware or cushion colours, will help give your outdoor theme a secondary layer of depth. Ideal when you want to be able to set the tone for an approach to interior design that allows you to live in your own truly authentic way. All that’s left now is to embrace the Early Settler journey and discover a dream home that is everything you thought it could be. 

Why Early Settler?

Your outdoor lighting choices come with a quick delivery service and hassle-free refunds and returns option as standard when you put your trust in Early Settler. It’s our way of helping you to change the way in which your dream home comes into reality, all while inviting you to come on a journey that gives you everything you could wish for. 

When it’s time to go on a journey with real meaning, we’re ready to show you the Early Settler way. It’s an inspiring way to welcome yourself home in style.