Information on Chests

Discover the charm and functionality of Early Settler's chest of drawers collection. Here, your storage needs are met with a blend of practicality and style. These chests, also known as dressers or tallboys, are not merely storage units; they are elegant additions to your bedroom decor, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your space. 

Chest of Drawers, Tallboys & Dressers

Our chest of drawers are meticulously designed to cater to your clothing storage needs. They offer ample space for your wardrobe essentials, from your seasonal sweaters and delicate dresses to everyday items like socks and scarves. With our chests, organising your clothing becomes effortless, ensuring that everything has a designated place. 

Our chest of drawers are an essential addition to your bedroom.  Beyond their obvious functionality, they bring a certain aesthetic appeal to your bedroom. Each chest of drawers in our collection is designed with a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of various style preferences. Whether your bedroom decor leans towards the traditional or the contemporary, you'll find a chest of drawers that fits right in, enhancing the overall look and feel of your space.  Crafted with care, our chests are sturdy and built to last, ensuring that they serve you for years to come. 

Our chests collection is designed to complement other furniture pieces in your home. Be it our beds, bedheads, bedsides, bed bases, or mattresses, our chests fit right in, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your space. 

At Early Settler, we understand that your bedroom is more than just a place to sleep. It's your personal sanctuary, a space where you start and end your day, and our chests are designed to enhance this space. With our chests, tallboys and dressers you can keep your bedroom organised and clutter-free, while adding a touch of elegance and sophistication. Explore our collection today, and find the perfect chest that not only meets your storage needs but also complements the aesthetics of your bedroom.