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Your dining room is a hosting space that sets the tone for the culinary wonders you’re about to serve up and the stories and tales you’re about to share. It’s a space in which memories are made, bonds are strengthened, and quality time is spent for years to come.

Early Settler’s range of dining room chairs are a key part of the picture, and something that allows you to set the tone in your own personal way. Ideal when you want to be able to blend style, comfort, and substance in a way that is authentically you, all the way down to the last fine detail.

Take a Look at Your Dining Options

Choosing from a wide array of dining room tables is the natural starting point when you want to be able to elevate your dining room in your own personal way. It’s about having a primary focal point and dominant piece of furniture that sits at the centre of the room, drawing the eyes of your guests towards it as soon as they step through the door. But as with everything in life, the biggest shift is only the start of the story.

Go further and you’ll encounter a nuanced, homely world of dining room lighting that allows you to create the perfect ambience in your space with minimal effort. Softness, warmth, and a natural glow all need to be present in their own proportions, especially when you want to be able to host visitors late into the evening. If you then add in options that will frame your space around the edges, such as our exquisite Fulham Sideboard, you’ll see how you can achieve a real sense of balance in an authentic way.

As you continue your Early Settler journey, you’ll discover dining room tables such as the timeless Maine Solid Oak Dining Table. The weight and presence of the oak combines with the classic profile of the outline to create a piece that is ready to stand proud for a generation. It’s about giving yourself the freedom and permission to explore new ideas so that you can start dressing the edges of the room in a way that elevates everything else.

Revisiting your dining room lighting choices a little later on will get you thinking about how you can combine artificial and natural light to strike your table’s surface in a unique way. Take the Marbella Round Dining Table as a starting point and then picture yourself enjoying it in the afternoon and the evening. How will you make the most of the way in which the texture of the finish changes the way in which the two different types of light dance with it?

The Early Settler way is focused on inviting you to make personal, meaningful choices that allow you to embrace whatever is on your mind. Even something as humble or understated as a new set of dining room chairs can turn into a real talking point when you embrace new profiles, lines, and finishes. 

Get More From Your New Dining Setup 

Your dining space deserves furnishings that make it come to life in a way that tells a unique story. Take a moment to consider a few of our quick ideas below and you’ll see how you can make your dining room a timeless part of the home that always extends a warm welcome: 

  • Choose a finish on your dining table that balances the way in which the natural light flows into your room, but that also stands out in the evenings

  • Opt for seating that you can easily wipe or spray clean so that it remains as good as new for many years to come

  • Consider how to balance striking lines and modern style with the comfort of padded traditional seats so no one ever wants to leave the table 

Rather than feel like you have to choose a matching set, you could also explore the concept of mixing and matching. This will create a slightly vintage or bohemian style of decor that can help deliver the lived-in vibe and personal ambience that sets everyone at ease. Most importantly of all; take the time to find something that reflects who you are on the inside. 

Why Early Settler?

Elevating your dining room just got simpler thanks to our quick delivery service and hassle-free refunds and returns option. It’s all part of the Early Settler journey from where you are right now to where you want your home to be. Take your time to walk the path with us and we’ll make sure the only time things move faster than you’ll believe is when you place your order. Until that moment comes, you have all the time in the world to choose pieces that speak to your heart. 

When you shop with authenticity, you live with authenticity.