Occasional Chairs

Information on Occasional Chairs

Finding the personal touches of style that make a house a home is all about adding a stylish chair here, a piece of wall art there, and letting your creativity run away with itself. Take a moment to think about how you can weave these new creative touches into your chosen space and you’ll be onto something special before you know it.

Shopping the Early Settler way is all about embracing collections like the occasional chairs that add that little extra something. By expressing who you are and how you want your home to be, you can live life on your own terms in a truly authentic way.

Explore Your Occasional Chair Choices

Something as simple as an additional lounge chair that sits in the corner and dresses the room really can help you make quite the statement. It’s about giving yourself options when it comes to mixing and matching, all while allowing yourself to embrace colours, lines, and textures along the way.

Diving a little deeper into classic inclusions like the humble arm chair and embracing everything they can be is something that will set you free. Take a look at our Floral Burst Embroidered Armchair and you’ll see precisely what we mean. The way in which the elegant florals combine in perfect harmony helps open up your space and provide that little flourish of artistic beauty that really does make the world of difference. Perfect when you want to make a house a home.

Early Settler is also delighted to offer you options like the Millie Velvet Green Chair — a timeless yet modern touch of style that’s all about you. Stand back and admire the way in which the natural light hits the crisp finish of the velvet and you’ll be left in no doubt about the nature of your latest addition. From there you can mix and match a variety of other natural textures so that you can create a space that works on a range of different levels. Ideal when you want to create a space that’s never shy about welcoming you in.

Choosing a chair that makes a statement is sometimes as simple as opting for something bold and timeless, just like our latest Kenner Grid Chair in Taupe. The way in which the lines combine in perfect harmony with the understated colour adds a touch of aesthetic beauty that words alone simply cannot do justice. You then have the freedom to blend it into the rest of your room however the mood takes you.

The Early Settler way is all about adding little touches like thoughtfully appointed occasional chairs, but doing so in a way that sets you free. It’s also about feeling like you have the perfect setting in which to host, entertain, and spend time with the people who mean the most to you. Nothing else comes close when you want to be able to make a house a home in a truly personal way. Take a moment to explore your options and we’ll be delighted to guide you through from beginning to end.

Get Even More From Your New Seating

Whether you want a selection of occasional chairs or an arm chair you’ll use every evening, the same basics still apply. To make sure nothing is overlooked or left to chance, have a quick look at a few of our tips: 

  • Select materials you can wipe clean or opt for removable covers that you can wash so that everything remains as good as new

  • Think about how the texture of your chosen material will interact with the ambient light, and don’t be afraid to match it in other parts of your space

  • If your chair comes with cushions, shop for long-life fillings that retain their shape and offer a comfortable place to sit for many years to come

  • Explore colours that are inviting and homely so that you can turn your new piece of furniture into a thoughtful secondary focal point

Adding some additional seating around the edges of your chosen space is a sure-fire way to make it feel even more homely and welcoming. Choose from modern lines, vintage looks, or just traditional classic outlines and you’ll have something that fits the image you’re trying to create. All you have to do now is take your time and then take your pick.

Why Early Settler?

Adding a couple of well-appointed chairs that match your wider decor should be simple and easy, which is why our quick delivery service is always available to you. And to make sure nothing gets in the way of the journey you’re on, our hassle-free refunds and returns service completes the Early Settler experience. Just what you want to hear when it’s time to embrace everything your home can be without ever having to wait or worry.

When you’re ready to live with true authenticity, we’re always ready and waiting…