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Information on Beds & Bed Frames

Reimagining your bed as an island that offers peace and tranquillity will give you everything you need to start living with real authenticity. You want to feel lighter than air, at peace with your surroundings, and whole on an inner level. The key is to stop thinking about your bedding as something you retreat to and to instead see it as the foundation for your renewal. 

The authenticity of the Early Settler way gives you so much more than a double bed that offers quality and comfort. Our passion for the subtle world of aesthetic refinement shines through from every angle, allowing you to set the tone for a space that is all about switching off and powering down. 

Taking in Your Bed Choices

When it comes to shopping for beds, it’s sometimes hard to know where to begin. Everyone will tell you that the mattress is what really matters and that everything else is secondary, but is that right? We don’t believe so: your space needs to be holistically aligned to who you are if you’re going to get the peace and rest you so richly deserve. 

Our full range of king size bed options are there for you to explore, as are other sizes like the timeless Sophia Queen Bed Emerald. As you get closer to your final choice, take a moment to picture how it will feel when you lie awake and watch the sunset first thing in the morning. If experience is anything to go by, you’ll be left in no doubt that this is how you want to start each and every day. 

Early Settler takes the notion of tying your home together and uses it to introduce you to everything a queen bed can be, with the Maya Queen Bed always near the top of the list. For those who want something which will endure for years and yet never look aged or dated, we invite you to take a closer look. It’s just one of the ways that you can find new options that are sure to make you want to elevate your bedroom the authentic way. 

When you want to be able to wake refreshed and energised, considering king bed options will give you all the space you need to spread out and relax, but it’s not the only way. If you find that space is at a premium, options like the Manor Single Bed Black will give you everything you need to really set the tone. The combination of crisp finishing and compact size is perfect if you want to dress an apartment, spare room, or guest room. 

The Early Settler way takes you through all of your bed options at a pace that never makes you feel rushed and always makes you feel heard. It’s what we do, which is why we believe that you are already on the path to shaping a relaxing rest space that will allow you to wake bright and early every morning.

How to Choose the Perfect Bed

The beauty of treating yourself to the perfect sleep space is that you will spend a third of your life benefiting from it. Given how much time you will spend there, here’s a few things you will certainly want to consider along the way: 

  • Easy-clean designs that allow you to dust and polish will not only look good for a longer but they’ll also be kinder to your body

  • Having the space to get down the sides of your bed and flip the mattress as the seasons change will help extend its life while also protecting your back 

  • Think about how you want to match to a pair of bedside tables and you’ll feel relaxed and at peace when you have a way to frame the room’s main feature 

  • Consider the type of linen and the various throws and pillows you like to sleep with so that you can coordinate them with the style of the frame 

For a real sense of unity, perhaps consider a rug or chest at the foot of the bed. This largely decorative addition helps border off and frame the room’s main piece of furniture in a way that allows you to set the tone for the rest of your space. 

Why Early Settler?

The key to finding the right bed is to embrace how you feel you want to proceed and to then find a path that takes you there. Our quick delivery service that never leaves you waiting combines with a simple refunds and returns option to help you on your way as soon as you’re ready. Ideal when you want to be able to set the tone for a space that’s nothing but restful.

The authentic way you live your life deserves to be reflected in the surroundings you choose to live amongst. Something magical happens when the two fully align…