Dining Benches

Information on Dining Benches

Every home needs those little touches of personal style that allow you to express who you are, and a bench down one side of the dining table is just such an addition. It’s elegant, homely, and adds a touch of style that will endure for many years to come. Just what you want to see when you get home ready to rest and relax.

The Early Settler approach to life is all about taking your time to browse a collection of bench seats so that you can find something which speaks to you on a deeper level. With different sizes, styles, and materials to choose from, you’ll have everything you need to truly make your house a home.

Exploring New Dining Bench Styles

The beauty of selecting a kitchen bench that makes you feel at home is that it doubles as a statement piece, not just a comfortable place to sit and take in the sunrise each morning. The way in which it combines traditional style and function with a personal take on aesthetics is something that will allow you to set the tone in your own signature way.

Opting for a dining bench down one side of the table will give you the freedom to create an eclectic, lived-in style that is also typically modern. Options such as the Maccelsfield Dining Bench introduce new lines and profiles so that you can make a statement in the heart of the home, uniting your cooking and dining spaces as one. Perfect when you want to be able to find the right balance in a way that gives you the freedom to live at your own pace.

As you go deeper into the Early Settler ethos, you’ll find options like the Sansha Turquoise Bench that are not shy about adding a welcoming splash of energetic colour to the mix. Because this vibrant shade is toned down just enough, it won’t ever run the risk of overpowering your existing decor. It brings in the light, opens up the space, and provides a calming influence that allows you to create something special in your own way. Take your time to tie everything together and you’ll be left in no doubt about why it works.

Choosing to add a bench seat is all about opting for something more casual and communal than standard, slightly more rigid, dining seating options. Imagine the informality of taking up your favourite spot on the Zephyr Natural Leather Bench and you’ll know precisely what we mean. It’s all about finding a way to change how your home flows and evolves over time so you can feel truly at peace for years to come.

Discovering the traditional charm of a bench that offers both timeless aesthetic style and homely comfort is one of the real joys of the Early Settler experience. The way in which it allows you to make a homely addition that invites everyone to live more authentically is sure to make you smile from the moment it arrives at your door. All that’s left is to measure up so you can find a size that integrates effortlessly into your existing dining setup.

How to Look After Your New Dining Bench

Keeping your dining bench looking as good as new is as much about making the right choices when taking your pick as anything else. To make sure nothing is missed, we’ve put together a quick list of tips that will enable you to do exactly that: 

  • Find a finish that will withstand family life and maintain its pristine nature with minimal buffing or cleaning

  • Measure up to ensure that you have plenty of space at either end of the bench so that ease of access is guaranteed

  • Consider having the back of the bench open to the rest of the room so that it is clearly visible and able to make a much stronger aesthetic statement

  • Mix and match more formal dining chairs and kitchen chairs to create an eclectic look that makes your home truly welcoming 

Having a bench that mirrors the dimensions and aesthetic elements of your table will help it feel like much more of a natural extension. The key is to provide balance so that you can make it feel like something that has always been there, rather than a stylish piece of furniture that you have had to try and force into the wider picture of the room.

Why Early Settler?

A homely little bench that invites everyone to take their seat at their leisure should be something that you can choose with real peace of mind. To make sure nothing leaves you waiting or wanting more, we offer a quick delivery service and hassle-free refunds and returns option when you shop the Early Settler way. It’s how we ensure nothing is overlooked so that you can enjoy your journey from beginning to end. 

Embrace the authentic life and you’ll find there’s more options to consider in your home than you will know what to do with. Enjoy…