Bathroom Mirrors

Information on Bathroom Mirrors

A mirror in the bathroom is the window through which you see yourself, a chance to bring in more natural light, and a timeless way to open up even the most compact of spaces. Put all of these together and you’ll see that there's so much more to be gained once you decide to enrich your space in a way that reflects who you truly are. 

The beauty of shopping for bathroom mirrors with Early Settler is that you’ll find everything from contemporary flourishes of chic style to more traditional elements. Regardless of which direction you decide to go in, everything will add up to deliver a timeless touch of style that is sure to enrich your surroundings. 

Choosing the Ideal Bathroom Mirror Style 

Something as timeless and thoughtful as an arched bathroom mirror gives you a new way to break up the linearity of your space by embracing a new profile. It’s a timeless way to approach things, and one that will give you a whole host of new creative sparks that you can explore at your leisure. Ideal when you want to be able to feel right at home as soon as you put your key in the door.

Your mirror options continue to expand and offer you new ideas the further you go, and that includes options like our collection of round bathroom mirrors. The smooth outlines and wide variety of different colours, tones, and finishes offer a whole host of matching options that allow you to tie your home together. And rather than simply accept what you see in front of you, each one gives you a way to open up the space by making more of the natural light you have at your disposal. 

Nothing epitomises the personal nature of the journey like the Ovale Mirror 80x60cm Brushed Brass and the way in which it combines contemporary detailing with timeless finishing. The way in which the subtly textured finish of the metal meets the daylight allows your space to find a whole new sense of balance and purpose. This is just what you want to hear when it’s time to set the tone for a relaxing space that allows you to simply drift away from everything else. 

Your new shortlist of bathroom mirrors simply must include the bold aesthetic touch of the Hayden Square Pivot Mirror Chrome. The weight and gravity of the lines are balanced beautifully by the contemporary nature of the flawless chrome finish. Perfect when it’s all about creating a space that talks to the rest of your home, one room at a time. And then there’s the Cardwell Vanity Mirror and the way in which it elevates, rather than replaces, what you currently have at your disposal. 

The Early Settler journey is about finding new ways to relax and spend quality time with yourself. Think of your new-look bathroom as the space in which you get away from it all and clarify your own thoughts and you’ll soon get a sense of your worries and negative thoughts simply melting away and drifting off. 

How to Enjoy Your Bathroom Mirror

Whether your shortlist is made up solely of round bathroom mirrors or it’s a little more varied, there’s a few things you may wish to consider along the way: 

  • Create a sense of balance and proportion by considering the thickness and gravity of the frame, not just the overall size of the mirror 

  • Use textured finishes to add a subtle layer of depth to your decor that you could then replicate in other additions like your light fittings or tapware 

  • Choose a size and position that are quick and easy to clean so that your new addition remains pristine and perfectly poised every time you walk into the room 

Even more exotic choices like arched bathroom mirror spaces will give you something that makes you feel at home. The point here is that being at home is not about quaint, understated decor — it’s about creating a space in which you feel free to express yourself in your own personal way. Use this new way of looking at things and you’ll soon see that you can leave a meaningful mark on the bathroom by adding in some thoughtfully chosen compact wall art. 

Why Early Settler?

Continue your journey for a new mirror at your leisure and you’ll do safe in the knowledge that our quick delivery service and hassle-free refunds and returns option are yours whenever you want them. It’s our way of making sure that everything you need is ready and waiting for you with nothing more than a click of a button. You deserve to live your dream home for many years to come, which is why we’re ready to help bring it to life. 

All the proof you will ever need that dreams can come true lies in our collection. Now it’s time you saw it with your own eyes…