Information on Sinks

The kitchen is the heart of every home, and central to its functionality and design is the often-underestimated kitchen sink. At Early Settler, we recognise the vital role a sink plays in daily kitchen activities, from rinsing fresh produce to cleaning up after a delightful meal. Our sink units collection seamlessly blends functionality with style, catering to the diverse preferences of homeowners.

Kitchen Sink Units & Basins

Every homeowner's kitchen needs are unique. Some might appreciate the spaciousness of a double kitchen sink, which allows for efficient multitasking, while others could be drawn to the timeless elegance and robustness of a ceramic kitchen sink. No matter your inclination, Early Settler's range ensures quality, longevity, and a design that elevates your kitchen's aesthetics. 

While the kitchen sink is a fundamental component, its utility and design are accentuated when integrated with other complementary kitchen elements. Our kitchen tapware collection presents designs that synchronise beautifully with our sink units, ensuring optimal water flow and conservation. For those passionate about a dedicated culinary workspace, our workbenches offer ample space for food preparation and other tasks. To maintain an organised and accessible kitchen, our kitchen storage solutions are indispensable. Together, these components create a harmonious kitchen environment that's both practical and aesthetically pleasing. 

At Early Settler, we believe that a well-chosen sink unit can significantly enhance your kitchen experience. It's not merely a spot for washing dishes; it's a dependable, stylish, and functional area that underpins your daily kitchen routines. Our handpicked collection of sink units embodies this philosophy, showcasing designs and materials tailored to various tastes and needs. 

With Early Settler's sink units collection, you're not just adding a fixture to your kitchen; you're enriching the entire culinary journey. Explore our collection today and find the sink unit that resonates with your kitchen's design and your culinary aspirations.