All Sofas, Occasional Chairs & Ottomans

Information on All Sofas, Occasional Chairs & Ottomans

While you can buy full lounge suites that elevate your interiors in style, there’s a lot to be said for taking your time and creating your own unique look from the ground up. Our range of sofas, ottomans, and occasional chairs combine to give you an eclectic array of options that give you the freedom to truly embrace your own personal sense of style.

Early Settler is a place where you can come to enrich every aspect of your living room decor with authentic pieces that are designed to make you smile as soon as you step into the room. Regardless of the style or type of seating, we can help you combine style and substance in a way that never compromises when it comes to comfort.

Seating Options For Every Style

When you want your home to feel like a personal sanctuary that’s filled with the language of luxury, our elegant collection of leather lounge suites may just be the perfect starting point. They provide a calm, tranquil space in which to rest and relax, and yet they still provide the timeless touch of style that allows you to match the rest of your interior design elements.

Others come to Early Settler for smaller lounge chairs or pieces like our Carson Velvet Ottoman, complete with oak legs that make an authentic statement. The point is that you have the freedom to mix and match different styles however you please, all so you can create a unique interior that speaks directly to your heart. Perfect when you’re searching for a unique way to change how key elements of your space fit together so you can create a homely vibe that is impossible to put into words.

Imagine being able to elevate your use of space with a variety of modular sofas that allow you to change how you balance space and seating so that you can accommodate friends and guests. Little touches of style, such as the new Lisette Luxe Velvet Ottoman, provide that extra element of comfort that allows you to sit back and truly relax. If you factor in the modern lines and flawless finish, you see how something as simple as an ottoman can actually become a key feature in the kind of lounge or living room you never want to leave.

These personal touches are what allow you to really make yourself at home, all so you can unwind without a worry in the world, safe in the knowledge that your space truly reflects who you are. Adding our Hugo Sofa Centre Seat is a classic example of how you can elevate a wide array of lounge suites simply by introducing one extra seating space. Pair this versatile yet stylish outlook with a finishing touch like the Mads Vintage Gold Footstool and you can create a setting that’s all about comfort and sophistication.

As you begin to truly embrace the Early Settler way of life, you’ll start to get more sparks of inspiration than you’ll know what to do with. We’re excited to see what you choose and how you bring your space to life in your own signature way.

Choosing the Right Seating Option 

The secret to creating living rooms that will never go out of fashion lies in shopping for lounge furniture that will stand the test of time. But rather than solely the aesthetics and style, we want to draw your attention to the comfort levels and how they have to endure over time. Here’s a few pointers to help you make the perfect pick for your home:

  • Consider how your seating position will interact with the natural light, as well as how this will influence when you can get the most of out of your new-look living room

  • Opt for durable cushion fillings that retain their shape for years to come so that you can sink into your choice of seating without ever having to compromise

  • Create a shortlist of scatter cushion and blanket options you can use to dress your new seating so that it has that little extra touch of homely charm

Finding the right balance between a uniform suite and a more eclectic range of chairs, sofas, stools, and ottomans is what will allow you to create your own personal style. Use our wider range to give yourself some fresh ideas and options and you’ll feel your home coming together in no time at all.

Why Early Settler?

Our low-stress quick delivery service and simple refunds and returns are key components of shopping the Early Settler way. It’s all part of our mission to make comfort, luxury, and unique personal style choices as accessible as they always should have been. Just what you want to hear when it’s time to embrace the world of authentic living in a way that you will never want to be without again.

Now that we’ve introduced you to some of your options, it’s over to you to see what catches your eye and makes the right first impression.