Outdoor Packages

Information on Outdoor Packages

Whether you already know what your perfect 3 piece outdoor setting is or you’re just shopping for ideas, we’re excited to take you on quite the journey. It’s all about finding the right balance between style and comfort so you can make a house a home in a way that words alone won’t do justice. 

When you put your trust in the Early Settler way, you’ll be sure of an array of options that cover everything from a 5 piece outdoor setting to a single statement piece that finishes everything off. Ideal when you want to be able to set the tone for your dream outdoor space in no time at all.

Exploring Your Outdoor Package Choices

Getting the balance right when you’re searching for something like a 7 piece outdoor setting is all about deciding how you want to spend the majority of your time. If it’s sitting back and relaxing, you’ll want deeper, softer seating that makes you feel like you’re lighter than air. And if you’re more into hosting and eating outdoors, opt for something a little more balanced in terms of the style elements. 

Our full range of outdoor furniture packages include classic options like the Bailly Sofa and Coffee Table Set that’s perfect for putting your feet up and relaxing in the sunshine. Combine it with a canopy or awning that fits what you have in mind and you’ll be able to create plenty of shade for the hottest months of the summer. 

Early Settler is about so much more than this though — we’re really focused on tying your home together. Imagine a 3 piece outdoor setting in a neutral colour, or something like the Catalina 4 Piece Sofa Set if you need a little more space, and you’ll see precisely what we mean. These simple, clean, and contemporary designs allow you to lose yourself in the moment and make the most of your outdoor spaces like never before. Just what you want to hear when it’s time to make a house a home in your own signature way. 

The interesting thing about opting for a 5 piece outdoor setting like the popular Hemmy Charcoal 5 Piece Dining Set is that it gives you plenty of matching options. By taking a welcoming, inclusive approach to shape and form, it gives you the ability to weave other aesthetic touches into the mix. An outdoor rug, lighting, or even a pergola could all be worth closer consideration when you want to strike a truly homely balance. Perfect when you want to be able to live life at your own pace in a way that is nothing but authentic. 

The Early Settler approach to connecting you with outdoor furniture packages is all about combining form, function, and comfort. You want to be able to set the tone for how you use your space, but you also need to be comfortable and at ease when you’re outside in the sunshine. By blending the two in perfect harmony, we’ve created a simple, inclusive way to bring your dream home to life. We feel it’s the least we can do. 

How to Choose the Perfect Outdoor Package

If you’re considering investing in a stylish 7 piece outdoor setting, take a moment to consider the following hints and tips from our experts and you’ll be sure to love the end result that little bit more: 

  • Easy-clean fabrics that you can keep looking as good as new will make sure your outdoor additions look their best for many years to come

  • Removable covers will save you a whole host of effort and make sure that your latest purchase can stand up to the tests family life may throw at it

  • Long-life cushions will keep their shape and offer a comfortable sitting experience for as long as you have your new furniture in your home

  • Colours that aren’t washed out by the sunshine will allow you to set the right tone and finish your outdoor space in style in your own personal way 

Combining seating with a coffee table or minimalist dining table will provide you with multiple options when it comes to using your outdoor space. Ideal when you want to have a new hosting space for when friends and family come over for a relaxing afternoon on the weekends. 

Why Early Settler?

The homely touch that the right 7 piece outdoor setting provides is ready and waiting to grace your home thanks to our quick delivery service that never leaves you waiting. And because Early Settler is all about self-expression and making a home, we offer a simple refunds and returns option that takes care of every eventuality. Perfect when you want to be able to shop with true peace of mind. 

The authentic approach to life is only a click away when you come to the experts in all things homely, stylish, and contemporary.