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Information on Bookcases & Shelving

Making yourself feel like you’re in the one place you’d always rather be is as simple as scanning your bookshelf, reaching for a page-turner, and embracing the simple things in life. The homely vibes and warm feelings that something simple creates is what being at home is all about, and it can become your new normal with a few simple additions that reflect who you are.

Adding a book shelf to your lounge or dining room allows you to make a real statement of intent that brings different elements of your interiors together. The eclectic nature of the titles, the definitive lines of the shelving, and the focal point that arises from the two are all elements that are worth looking at in more detail. Your Early Settler journey will guide you through every step of the process.

Looking For Bookcase Inspiration 

As you start to consider your options it’s well worth remembering that you’re in complete control of your journey. You have the ability to select little touches, alter fine details, and bring together contrasting finishes and lines in a way that speaks to who you are. The result will be a space that invites you to live life at your own pace so that you can leave your own mark however the mood takes you. 

Your bookshelf options extend far beyond simple sizing and dimensions — this is your own personal focal point after all. What you want is to find a solution that allows you to display your books in a homely way, as opposed to simply gathering them up and grouping them in one place. The key here is to start thinking about how you want to feel when you see your new bookcase from the other side of the room.

Let’s start with the Clover Outback Bookcase and the rarified attention to detail that makes it a true statement piece. Consider how it will impact the way the light flows around your room and then ask yourself how this will change the overall sense of balance and proportion. If you want to be able to go so much deeper than simply measuring up and counting shelf space, these are the things you will need to consider along the way. 

A new book shelf could be grand and imposing like the Armand 4 Door Library Shelving Unit, or it could be far more chic and nuanced like the Fulham Large Ladder Shelving Unit. There is no right or wrong option here: only pieces that speak to who you are and pieces that you prefer to leave for someone else. If you can find a way to adorn your new storage space with a few little ornaments and keepsakes, you’ll be able to make it feel a little more homely and a little less rigid. 

As you start to really embrace your Early Settler journey, you’ll get an even better appreciation of what it means to strike the right balance. Colour, finish, profile, and so many other elements need to combine in a way that makes the end result more than the sum of its parts. The beauty of seeing this is that it’s also what makes each piece of furniture able to enrich your chosen space. 

How to Adorn Your Bookcase

Your new bookshelf or bookcase doesn’t just have to be a place where you display your favourite volumes. A couple of pictures, a thoughtfully chosen ornament, and a few little keepsakes around the edges can make things feel more homely by appearing less rigid: 

  • Have little islands of accessories and trinkets bordered off by your favourite volumes to help create a shelf that’s really a display cabinet in its own right 

  • Avoid stuffing books in horizontally where they just don’t fit — this just serves to spoil the aesthetic and takes away the shine 

  • Choose an outline that matches the rest of your room so that your latest addition doesn’t become too large or imposing 

If space allows, having a comfortable chair just off to the side will invite you to take a seat and work your way through your next novel at your leisure. Perfect when you want to be able to create a homely vibe that’s all about embracing the simple things in life in a way that’s sure to make you smile. 

Why Early Settler?

Your new bookcase will arrive without a hitch thanks to our quick delivery service and hassle-free refunds and returns option that both come as standard. We want this to be a shopping experience that makes you feel like you’re enriching your home without an ounce of effort, so we work away in the background to make that happen. 

Now that you can picture what your space can be, it’s over to you to bring your vision to life in your own personal way…