Your living room is the place where you sit, relax, and make memories with the ones you love, which is why we think it deserves a little touch of TLC. Adding some warmth and cosiness to the room will help you turn it into the one place you would always rather be, and that extends to your friends and loved ones. 

Imagine the feeling of seeing elegant living room furniture greeting you as you stand in the doorway, not to mention the pride you’ll feel when you become the talk of the neighbourhood. It’s what making yourself feel truly at home is all about, so why settle for anything less?

Exploring New Living Space Ideas

The beauty of exploring matching living room furniture sets is that it gives you permission to think about style and comfort at the same time. As you start to consider how the proportions of your room will elevate certain lines and profiles, you can also picture yourself sitting back and taking the weight off your feet. It’s doing these two things in harmony that will turn your main communal space into the centre of your home. 

Your living room options are there to be enjoyed and shown off to friends in a way that welcomes them to take a seat and enjoy the evening that lies ahead. It’s about making sure you’re able to extend a warm welcome in all seasons, and all in a way that feels effortlessly natural. Just what you want to hear when it’s time to set the tone for a home that will talk to you on a deeper level from the moment you put your keys in the door. 

Our living room furniture collection offers pieces of all sizes, right the way down to striking additions like the Surat Metal Stool. The way in which it takes a classic touch of style and brings it right up to date with a contemporary choice of material helps elevate and enrich the aesthetics in the room. If you go a little further you can explore the striking contrast between the pair of bold materials that are used to create the Iron Round Side Table With Marble Top. The key point here is that because there are so many different directions you can go, what really matters is that you follow your heart in an authentic way. 

For those looking to slightly soften the edges and find something a little more nuanced, the Luna Round Coffee Table Natural offers a thoughtful aesthetic that is sure to hit all the right notes. Just what you want to hear when you’re searching for a calming influence that gives you everything you need to create a cosy, warm, and snug interior that you will never want to leave.  

As you get to know Early Settler and the way our approach makes you feel, you’ll be left looking at a truly inspiring shortlist of ideas and designs. Each one has a story to tell and a feeling of being able to offer more than it may first appear. Perfect when you want your decor to take you on a journey that really means something. 

How to Create a Cosy Living Room

The key to that warmth and cosiness in the living room is to find a way to put yourself at ease while also offering aesthetic pleasure and a soft touch. It’s about combining style and comfort, while also looking for that little something extra to tie it all together: 

  • Easy-clean fabrics will ensure that the place looks and feels its best without forcing you to add to your weekly housework routine 
  • Durable finishes that won’t tarnish with spillages or fade in the light will allow you to create a space that is welcoming for the whole family (little ones included)
  • Matching the colour of one of our living room furniture sets to those little trinkets and ornaments every cosy home will have is what provides the final finish 

Your home is an expression of who you are and how you want to live your life. Opting for something like a thick pile rug in front of the fire, and a padded stool at the foot of the sofa, will show this is a space that’s all about stretching out and lying back. Take your time with it and you’re sure to create something that’s truly authentic.

Why Early Settler?

We value the trust you’re placing in us when you come and explore your living room furniture options, and we never take it for granted. To prove it to you, we’re proud to offer a quick delivery service and hassle-free refunds and returns option as standard. It’s our way of making sure that everything you need arrives on your doorstep with nothing but the click of a button. 

It’s time you allowed your home to become everything you know it can be…