Bathroom Fixtures

Information on Bathroom Fixtures

Making a house a home is about getting all of those little extras on point from the moment you walk through the door: toilet roll holder, rails, and so much more all need to be pulling in the same direction. Once you decide you want to make it possible, all you have to do is follow your heart and create a unique space that speaks to you on a deeper level. 

Something as simple as exploring your options when it comes to bathroom towel rails will give you the opportunity to add a calming presence in your space. By combining style and substance, you can create a home that aligns with your intentions while giving you the time and space you need to switch off and simply drift away. 

Exploring New Bathroom Fixture Options 

Exploring our collection of bathroom fixtures is all about giving yourself the time you need to make elegant, informed choices that speak to your heart. We like to think of it as an authentic expression of who you are and what you want your home to be, all combined with the touch of quality that you only get from artisan pieces. 

The humble toilet roll holder can turn itself from an afterthought into a statement accessory that breaks up a wall space in just the right way. By making the most of the profile, the finish, and the base material, you can create a matching secondary layer of depth that elevates your decor in a truly unique way. Just what you want to hear when it’s time to build that rich connection with the spaces that surround you. 

Our curated collection of bathroom towel rails can easily be mixed and matched to sit alongside thoughtful options like the Oxford Toilet Roll Holder Chrome. The way in which you can create a matching theme by pairing two pieces of elegant metalwork in close proximity is what making a house a home is all about. Not only that, but you can enrich the aesthetics of what were once purely functional additions, and do it all in a way that gives you permission to truly express yourself. Perfect when you want to be able to create a look that will allow you to celebrate your home on a new level. 

Go further and start to explore your bathroom fixtures on a deeper level and you’ll come across contrasting finishes offered by the likes of the Amery Matte Black Single Towel Rail. The contemporary nature of the matte detailing combines with the bold yet thoughtful lines to create something that is modern yet timeless. From this intriguing starting point you then have the freedom to shape your interior in a way that puts you at ease and makes you feel at peace. 

Taking the Early Settler journey as your starting point and then seeing where it leads you is something that will give you the freedom to truly express yourself. Think of it as a way to change the look and feel of your space while also allowing it to speak to your heart and you’ll know exactly what we mean. Now it’s over to you to start getting creative with the options we’ll put at your disposal. 

Maintaining Bathroom Fixtures

Choosing a toilet roll holder or another accessory is about combining style and substance. To make sure you can make additions which will never fade, we’ve added a few quick things you may wish to consider: 

  • Opt for durable finishes that are easy to wipe clean or polish as and when you need to. This will ensure they always look as good as new 

  • Choosing matte finishes that can withstand knocks, scuffs, and scratches will ensure that the underlying metalwork never shines through 

  • Choose designs that are easy to clean so that you never feel like missing the more intricate little sections that could tarnish if left unattended for a long time 

Your choice of accessories can be tied into your tapware and other pieces of metalwork to create a theme within a theme. Yes, the walls, flooring, and bath are always going to be what first catches your eye, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create something that works on a secondary level by mixing and matching other materials and profiles. 

Why Early Settler?

We know from experience that shopping for bathroom fixtures that talk to your own sense of style is what finishes the room off the right way. That’s why we’re delighted to offer a quick delivery service and hassle-free refunds and returns option as standard, all so you never have to worry about a thing. The result is a restful, restorative approach to shopping that allows you to bring your dream home to life while you do nothing but sit back and pick out what you want.

The beauty of your Early Settler journey is that we both know it’s only just beginning…