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Taking a seat alongside your loved ones in a set of outdoor chairs that allow you to embrace authentic living is what family life is all about. It’s a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle, escape the drama, and share experiences while enjoying quality time. Nothing else compares to this feeling when you want to just come together and relax.

When you put your trust in Early Settler, you’ll find everything you could wish for when it’s time to sit at the outdoor table you have always wanted. The way in which the sunshine hits your choice of materials and finishes will allow you to change how everything fits together, all while you find a new way to rest and relax.

Exploring Your Outdoor Living Options

Something as simple as adding an outdoor table and chairs to your patio or outdoor decking will invite you out into the sunshine and provide a space to sit and reflect. This is about living life at a slower, more restful pace, all so you can find new ways to make the most of the time you have at your disposal.

Picture gathering around an outdoor bar table and stools with your friends and you’ll see images of yourself taking in the sunshine in a way that will stay with you for years to come. Or if you prefer something with a little extra support and casual comfort, our new Deck Black Wicker Chair provides the light and airy touch that allows you to take life at your own pace. Welcome to authentic living as it was always meant to be. 

As your Early Settler shopping experience evolves, you’ll see that choosing a set of outdoor chairs really is as simple as having a vision and then bringing it to life. With a little something for everyone, we can show you just what you want when it’s time to match to options such as our timeless Reclaimed Teak Cross Leg Dining Table. These simple yet striking matching ideas are sure to elevate your outdoor hosting and entertainment space in a way that makes the whole neighbourhood take notice. Ideal when you want to showcase who you are with furnishings that really do come from the heart. 

Choosing an outdoor table is only the beginning, however. Imagine lounging out there in the sunshine, stretching out on the Sanctuary Day Bed hour after hour, and then ask yourself if you can live without it. This classic addition to the garden or patio will allow you to take life at your own pace in a way that really needs no introduction or justification. It’s an addition to the home that is focused on relaxation, rest, and nothing more. 

The Early Settler philosophy is centred on turning something simple like an outdoor table and chairs set into a focal point that draws the whole family outside and into the sunshine. You want to be able to share the same experiences that exist inside in the evenings, but in a way that transports them into the sunshine of the mornings and afternoons. There really is no better feeling than being free to rest and relax however your mood takes you.

Choosing the Right Outdoor Options

Our complete range of outdoor chairs is designed to give you options that you will love to reflect on as you home in on your choices. The beauty of our approach is that everything we do is designed to elevate your outdoor space, so here’s a few specific points you may wish to ponder: 

  • If you’re looking at casual seating, opting for some thick and plump outdoor cushions will help add that little bit of extra comfort

  • Put your bar and stools to one side so that you can still have the freedom to position more relaxed seating around a coffee table or fire pit

  • Consider whether you will want to store your furniture during certain parts of the year, and measure up to ensure you have plenty of space available to do so if you wish 

The way in which you use your outdoor additions needs to reflect how you like to spend your time indoors, but with allowances made for the warm glow of the sunshine. Choosing an area that provides a little shade if you want it at the hottest parts of the day will give you a space that is relaxing, refreshing, and restful all at the same time. 

Why Early Settler?

Choosing something such as an outdoor table and chairs set with Early Settler is simpler than you can imagine. Our quick delivery service and hassle-free refunds and returns option means that you’re never left waiting or worrying about your order. From the moment you connect, we’re right there by your side, making sure everything fits into place in a way that is truly effortless. 

The beauty of outdoor living is it opens up your home to the sunshine that is beating down outside, all so you can experience a more casual, natural approach to living life. Just what you want to hear when it’s time to live life on your own terms like never before.