Things to Consider When Choosing a Fan

Choosing the right ceiling fan for your space doesn't have to be difficult. There are a wide range of fans available today, all with different features that lend themselves better to different spaces.

Rod Length

As a general rule, the greater the space between the ceiling and the fan blades, the greater the performance of air circulation and distribution of air.

AS/NZ Building Code requires that the blades of a ceiling fan are at least 2100mm above the floor. With higher ceilings, the positioning of the fan is usually set at an aesthetically pleasing distance, while still ensuring that the blades remain 2100mm from the floor.

Blade Length

Our Endeavour range of ceiling fans have blade sizes ranging from 44” to 70”. In most applications, a 44” to 48” blade size is most appropriate. Larger blade sizes are available for larger rooms, or alternatively, two smaller-blade fans can be used.

Blade Quantity

The differences in performance between a 3, 4 or 5 blade fan are very minimal. The main deciding factor when a number of blades is purely aesthetical.


The Endeavour range of fans is suitable for indoor usage, and semi-outdoor usage (for example, in a covered pergola area) when the area is fully protected from wind & water.

Quiet Operation

To some degree, all fans will create noise, and a common concern in budget model fans is the noise they produce. Our Endeavour range of fans has quality motors, bearings and blades to reduce noise.

Fan Movement

The fundamental reason behind wobbling fans is either a poor, unbalanced fan rotor, or blades that have not been balanced. All our Endeavour fans have a factory balanced rotor, and come with a balanced blade set and instructions for installation.