3715 Cupboard Knob Curved Antique Brass D13xP11mm
3715 Cupboard Knob Curved Antique Brass D13xP11mm
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3715 Cupboard Knob Curved Antique Brass D13xP11mm

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Early Settler's extensive range of cabinetry handles, pulls and knobs come in variety of designs and finishes to ensure that you can set the right tone with your door fixtures.

  • Small Solid Brass Flat Topped Cupboard Knobs.
  • Rustic Colour
  • Antique Brass Finish- To achieve our Antique Brass finish, we take our Polished Brass product and age each item individually by hand. The item is then rubbed back with a soft cloth to lighten the finish; after which it is baked to set. Once baked, a clear lacquer is applied and allowed to dry before going through final inspection and packaging. The Antique Brass patina is a living finish designed to wear and age naturally over time. Our Antique Brass finish is our most difficult finish to perfect and while our platers strive to provide consistency amongst our range of products in this finish, variations are to be expected. Care for it well and it will reward you with the most natural looking antique brass finish for many years.
  • Available in Multiple Finishes

Dimensions:W 13mm X H 11mm