Guardsman Revitalising Wood Polish UV Protection 354g Aerosol

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Make sure your beautiful home furnishings truly last with the help of Guardsman furniture care, repair and protection products. With expertise in Furniture Care for over a hundred years, Guardsman offer a series of products that cater for every home’s unique needs. Thanks to our partnership with Guardsman, you can also have fabric protection applied to your pieces prior to delivery to your home!

Enhances and preserves wood’s natural beautywhile protecting against sun damage.

  • Delivers a rich, clean, low-lustre shinefor a natural glow.
  • Protects and beautifies, concealing theappearance of fine surface scratches.
  • Enhances lustre while maintaining low,matte, and high-gloss finishes.
  • Contains UV absorbers to protect againstfading and discolouration.
  • For regular use. Unlike some polishes,Guardsman contains no waxes, abrasives, orsilicones and leaves no greasy film or buildup.
  • 354g aerosol.